Our Approach

The Northern Arizona Patriotism Award was designed to recognize the true patriots in our community. Rather than losing focus on the people who serve us with integrity and honor, this award is designed to celebrate and acknowledge the leaders in our communities that truly display these traits.

Who is Behind the Award?

The founder of the Northern Arizona Patriotism Award is Joel Haynie. Raised during his formative years by Patrick Haynie, who is the former Chief of Police of Clarkdale, Arizona, Joel learned to admire and respect those who serve and protect us.

In recent years, Mr. Haynie has realizedĀ our culture focused on celebrities and that there is less regard for members of the Armed Forces, particularly Veterans. Instead of allowing those unsung heroes to be pushed further into the darkness, Joel Haynie has opted to bring the focus back on where it belongs, the men and women who have served our country and continue to do amazing things for our communities.

While more could be said, Mr. Haynie would prefer the focus of this prestigious award remain on those who have truly earned it.