I Would Like to Nominate Someone What's the Process

We are currently working on an application form. In the meantime, you can submit your nominations with their name, dates of service, the branch they served in, and what they are currently doing to showcase their patriotism in Northern Arizona. Please make sure you list the reasons they are someone who is deserving of this award. You may e-mail your nominations through 11:59 PM December 31, 2017 to info@northernarizonapatriotismaward.com. We will then review the applications and award next year's winner during Memorial Day weekend 2018.

I'm a Patriot, But I Didn't Serve In The Armed Forces. Can I Be Nominated?

While we love your passion for the United States and showing your support for our great nation, you would not be eligible.

Is A Dishonorable Discharge A Definite No For a Nomination?

Yes. While this doesn't negate the validity of an individual being a patriot, our award guidelines are very precise.

Can I Nominate Myself?

Yes. There are no requirements on who a nomination must come from. All applications are reviewed accordingly. If we need additional information, we will contact the individual making the nomination.

I Served Fewer Than Eight Years, But I Was Honorably Discharged. Could I Still Be Eligible?

In cases of those who were injured or killed on duty, exceptions can be made. This is reviewed on a case by case basis. You are encouraged to submit an application.

I Live In An Area Outside of Northern Arizona, Can I Submit an Application?

No. This award is exclusively for those who live or serve the community in Northern Arizona.

I Won Before, Can I Win Again?

No. This prestigious award may only be awarded once to a person.

I Was Nominated But Didn't Win. Can I Be Nominated Again?

Yes. Individuals who have previously been nominated but have not won the award may be nominated again.

Who Selects the Winner?

Joel Haynie currently reviews the information available to him and makes the decision accordingly. In the future, a committee will be set up to determine future winners and to review future applications.

Does the Winner Get Anything Besides An Award?

In addition to the prestigious award that is handed out, individuals in the local community that the recipient serves are approached to make donations. Mr. Haynie purchases the actual award with his own funds and as an individual who is passionate about supporting local businesses, he has it engraved locally at Trophies Unlimited.

Do I Get To Keep The Award?

The engraved eagle award is the winners to keep. This is a remembrance of your excellence and a further thank you from us.